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Robert Ferraro

Freelance writer and broadcasting school graduate who edited his college newspaper, produced and engineered radio talk shows, and produced Major League Baseball broadcasts. In between, he held approximately 87 different jobs, all of which he departed when he couldn't find anyone interesting to talk to.


Joe Conte | Veteran Comic Appreciates The Love, Prefers Respect

By Robert Ferraro / June 30, 2017

Did I get a lot of attention as a kid? Yeah, sure. At least 50% of it was negative. My sister was the only girl, and my brother was the baby, so I was the one who caught all the shit from my crazy Italian parents. That’s probably why I go on stage and seek accolades […]


Ivan Doroschuk | New Wave Legend Is A ‘Wonder’ Once Again

By Robert Ferraro / May 15, 2017

Men Without Hats’ Ivan Doroschuk is a polite, contemplative and soft spoken Canadian, a multilingual former law student, and a classically trained pianist. Ivan Doroschuk is also a punk at heart, possessing a defiant anti-authority streak which has informed both his music, and a turbulent musical career that spans five decades. Above all else however, at least […]


Robert Ferraro | Senior Writer/Editor

By Robert Ferraro / April 11, 2017

A former radio talk show producer and producer of Major League Baseball broadcasts, Robert Ferraro engages in interviews with pop culture figures ranging from musicians and comedians, to models and actors. Recent guests include musicians Melissa Etheridge and Paul Stanley, comedians Gary Gulman and Alonzo Bodden, model/musician Bebe Buell and music video starlet Bobbie Brown. […]


Nancy Wilson’s Roadcase Royale | “Get Loud”

By Robert Ferraro / April 6, 2017

Many of classic rock’s most celebrated heroes are finding themselves to be of a somewhat advanced age, learning that attempting to create inspired and socially relevant music late in a career, is often a losing proposition. The results often​ range from derivative and inconsequential, to embarrassing. Heart’s Nancy Wilson, now in the fifth decade of […]


Alonzo Bodden | Last Comic Standing Still Looking For A Challenge

By Robert Ferraro / March 31, 2017

 Alonzo Bodden has probably entertained you somewhere, somehow, during his 24 years of comedy. He has appeared on network and cable television, acted in major motion pictures, done voiceover work for cartoons, and hosted radio shows and podcasts. You may also recognize him from the news, as he was widely heralded for donating a kidney […]


Ann Wilson | Legendary voice of Heart goes it ‘Alone’

By Robert Ferraro / March 21, 2017

It is widely recognized, by both fans and peers alike, that Ann Wilson owns one of the most formidable voices in rock history. That voice has propelled Heart, a collaborative with her sister Nancy, to twenty Top 40 hits, and over 35 million albums sold worldwide. Ann also possesses one of music’s more distinctive voices, […]


Interview with Founder of fijjity, a Facebook U.S. Data Company

By Robert Ferraro / March 13, 2017

Jason BlountAnticipating Users Next Click on Facebook, While Staying Ahead of FB’s Next Move Jason Blount, Founder of Fijjity, and CTO of MadeinAmerica.com pictured with his wife, Kelly Lynn Blount, Strategic Marketing Associate for Transcendent, an Artificial Intelligence companyWith his engaging personality and trademark optimism, Jason Blount spent most of his early adult life thriving in sales […]


Alan Hunter | A Conversation with a Pop Culture Pioneer

By Robert Ferraro / February 7, 2017

In 1981, a brand new channel calling itself ‘Music Television’ chose an astronaut walking on the moon as the symbol of its brand. The message was clear: no one has gone where we’re going in the field of television entertainment. Four decades later, MTV remains a pop culture landmark. Still, the groundbreaking 80’s are widely […]


Will Calhoun | Restless Drumming Icon Pays His Respects To A Jazz Great

By Robert Ferraro / December 1, 2016

Will Calhoun is the relentlessly creative and widely respected drummer for funk metal pioneers, Living Colour. Voted by the readers of Modern Drummer as “Best Progressive Drummer” on three occasions, he has collaborated with musicians as diverse as B.B. King, Public Enemy, and the Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood. A graduate with honors from the Berklee […]

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