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Bobbie Brown | ‘Cherry Pie’ Starlet Now A Stand Up Girl

By Robert Ferraro / February 19, 2019

In the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s, Bobbie Brown was seemingly everywhere. She was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA, finished second runner up in the Miss Teen USA pageant, spent months on Star Search as the most prominent model in the show’s history, was featured in music videos for artists ranging from Terence Trent D’Arby […]


Mickey Thomas | Starship Singer Brings His Voice To A Different Kind Of Rock Stage

By Robert Ferraro / February 6, 2019

Mickey Thomas, has been the lead singer of Jefferson Starship and Starship since 1979, and his voice appears on 12 Top Forty hits, 3 memorable Number Ones from the 80’s, and one of classic rock’s most popular ballads. Now Thomas is accepting a brand new challenge by taking a star turn as Dennis Dupree in […]


Holly Knight | Hall of Fame Songwriter Embraces Her Legacy While Still Looking Ahead

By Robert Ferraro / January 29, 2019

Music has always been second nature for Holly Knight – by the age of 14 she had already studied classical piano for a decade. Yet, few could have anticipated the impact on popular music she would eventually have, and the indelible mark she would leave on one of it’s most celebrated eras, the 1980’s.   Knight wrote or […]


Chris Moore | Veteran Musician Never Stopped Believing

By Robert Ferraro / December 27, 2018

In the high haired 1980’s, current Rock of Ages drummer Chris Moore chased his dream of becoming a professional musician, only to leave it behind for a more practical life and career. Decades later, he proved that dreams don’t have an expiration date. This is his story, in his words. [as told to Robert Ferraro] […]


Melissa Etheridge | ‘Yes I Am’, The Singer, Songwriter & Rocker’s Most Pivotal Album, Turns 25

By Robert Ferraro / October 2, 2018

Melissa Etheridge’s first three albums, which she affectionately calls “The Red One, The Black One and The White One”, earned her a loyal audience, along with critical acclaim for her deeply personal songwriting and emotional delivery. It was the release of 1993’s ‘Yes I Am’ however, powered by singles ‘I’m The Only One’, ‘Come To […]


Belinda Carlisle | Worldly Pop Star Lives Life Her Way

By Robert Ferraro / June 13, 2018

Belinda Carlisle is an activist, humanitarian, and friend to animals the world over. What she also is, of course, is the unmistakable voice of numerous radio hits, dating from her time with the famously rambunctious Go Go’s, through her more sophisticated days as a chart topping solo artist. Carlisle will be reminding America of both […]


Thomas Dolby | Lifelong Innovator Still In Pursuit Of The New and Unknown

By Robert Ferraro / May 14, 2018

At a mere 59 years of age, Thomas Dolby has already lived a life in full. In the 1980’s he became a musical innovator with his eclectic smash hit ‘She Blinded Me With Science’, followed by 5 Grammy nominations and memorable appearances at the two largest live musical events of his generation. In the 90’s […]


Bebe Buell | Rock ‘n Roll Mainstay Bares It All On New Album

By Robert Ferraro / April 20, 2018

Bebe Buell, a charismatic pop culture presence for five decades, represents different things to different people. For some, she’s the glamorous model who burst onto the pages of magazines while still a teenager. For others, she’s the Playboy Playmate who posed as a centerfold in a still popular 1974 pictorial. And for many others, she […]


Lou Gramm | The Voice of 18 Top Forty Hits, Has Taken Life’s Hits, And Persevered

By Robert Ferraro / April 12, 2018

Like most musical artists, Lou Gramm, whose powerful and distinctive voice led legendary rock act Foreigner to over 70 million albums sold worldwide, had to overcome his share of struggles along the way to success. Unfortunately for Gramm, those struggles were as unique and tough as his voice. The first hurdle nearly cost him a […]


Paul Stanley | Legendary Kiss Frontman Is Colorful Both On Stage and On Canvas

By Robert Ferraro / April 4, 2018

Paul Stanley, the charismatic frontman for Kiss, has been a rock and pop culture giant for the better part of 5 decades. On stage he ignites audiences with his trademark bravado, but off of it, he shows a more subdued and thoughtful side that is exhibited through his painting – vibrant work that has garnered […]

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