Robert Ferraro | Senior Writer/Editor

For as far back as he can remember, Robert Ferraro has been interested in just about everything, and everyone. He read voraciously, memorized sports history, called radio talk shows, watched C-span, and worked on the ground for a political campaign – all while he was still in elementary school. The NHL’s New Jersey Devils granted him their express written consent to author a book about the team, at the ripe old age of 12. 

Three decades later, Ferraro is still interested in just about everything and everyone, and engages in interviews with pop culture figures ranging from recording artists to actors, comedians to authors.  He shares those written conversations here at 'Of Personal Interest', and the various outlets that syndicate his work.

As a former college newspaper writer and editor, broadcasting school graduate, talk show producer, and producer of major league baseball broadcasts, Ferraro has engaged countless celebrities and high profile figures in conversation, and it's something he does effortlessly.

“Robert has an innate ability to make stars feel at ease, and in return, they comfortably engage him ", says Dave O'Brien, the television voice of the Boston Red Sox.  "They know right away that they're in good hands. When I worked with him, he did this with the Mark McGwires and the Derek Jeters of the world, and that does not come easy for everyone. He feels at home talking to anyone.”